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new device to measure scar adherence on skin

Get here your Adheremeter

Download the PDF file Adheremeter_print 2010. pdf and print it on a flexible transparency film for copiers 
When you decide to print Adheremeter, you have to leave the document as it is
and set printing option on "NO scaling modification"
"fit to page" scaling in page setup causes printing error!

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INSTRUCTIONS for the correct USE of Adheremeter:

0.  you should have a pdf reader on your computer 
1. Print Adheremeter on flexible transparency film for copiers (
Manufacturer Part Number PP2500 - 3MTM, St. Paul, MN, USA
) to ensure maximum adaptability to different anatomical surfaces 
2. Sign an evident point (landmark) with a fineliner pen on the worst adherent point of the scar 

3. Place the Adheremeter centered on the landmark and hold the device in the hand on the patient's body without contact between the Adheremeter and the skin
4. Stretch the skin with the thumb (positioned close to the external edge of the device 17.5 mm from the center
) with maximal force within a comfortable range for the patient centrifugally in 4 directions up, down, left, right
5. Repeat the same procedure on the contralateral anatomic position of the adherence
6. Calculate  
The index of adherence severity (AS) the ratio between SMA and SMN: AS=SMA/SMN 
-  SMA -  surface mobility of adherence
-  SMN -  surface mobility of contralateral normal skin